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NCST’s Vision

The NCST has developed a 2015 Vision for S & T that is consistent with, and supports the national vision.

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Strategic Objective

As a co-ordinating organization, NCST’s success is measured by the collective performance of the S&T sector.

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NCST’s Mission

The Mission of the NCST is to improve the quality of life of all Jamaicans through the application of S&T.

The National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST) was established in 1993 and is a broad-based, cross-sectorial national advisory body to the government on policies and strategies relating to science and technology (S&T). It was reconstituted in 2014 after being inoperative for a few years. Since its resurgence, it has been directly involved in coordinating several strategic iniatives to push the application of science, technology and innovation to the forefront of Jamaica’s development. Regardless of the stringencies of the fiscal space, the Commission will employ prudent fiscal management to effect its mandates.

The Commission is chaired by the Most Honourable Prime Minister of Jamaica and comprises of representatives from public and private sector institutions and academia. The decisions of the NCST are implemented through its Advisory Committee, Secretariat and various sub-committees, which constitute stakeholders and others from the wider society with an interest in the particular subject area. All programmes are in keeping with its mandate to utilize S&T to drive national social and economic development.

Through its various programmes and activities and by fostering dialogue and collaboration, the NCST aims to galvanize action in areas which are pertinent to national development.

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