The Commission envisions that Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) will be integral to Jamaica’s social, environmental and economic welfare through well-established cross-sectoral linkages working within an organized, dynamic and responsive ST&I system.



Promote the sustainable development and utilization of local science and technology capabilities, for competitive and profitable production through education of the populace, partnership of government, private sector, academic institutions and such other bodies or institutions.



To facilitate the formation of strategic partnerships towards advancing the implementation of the national science, technology and innovation (ST &I) policy and playing a fundamental role in the creation of wealth and improving the quality of life for Jamaicans.



As a co-ordinating organization, NCST’s success is measured by the collective performance of the S&T sector. The following Strategic Objectives establish desired achievements of the S&T sector in order to ensure the achievement of the National Vision.

  1. To build awareness of the relevance and importance of scientific and technological innovation in Jamaica’s growth and development
  1. To contribute to Jamaica’s sustainable development by creating an enabling environment  which facilitates the building of its ST&I capacity



The Commission was instituted in 1993 and legislated to be a statutory body in 2007. The Board of Commission is chaired by the Prime Minister, the Deputy Chair is the Minister with responsibility for Science, Energy and Technology. The new Executive Director, Dr. Olive-Jean Burrowes, assumed duties in August 2021. A new Board of Directors/Commissioners appointed by the Governor General took effect on July 1, 2021.  The newly appointed Board had its inaugural meeting on Wednesday, November 10, 2021. The charge was given that the NCST, in addition to its traditional role, should play a more advisory role in Science, Technology and Innovation going forward.  The Executive Director stated that the NCST has historically done great collaborative work locally and internationally and is now being revitalized to support the advancement of Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) for the benefit of the national development of Jamaica and to support Vision 2030. Key stakeholders with the NCST will be academic institutions, the private sector and other government entities.

The achievements of the Commission’s mandates can only be had through partnerships and commitment from various agencies aligning their mandates and nurturing synergistic relationships to strengthen our response to the challenges and development agenda of our country through the integration of science and technology.


Priority Policy Areas

  • Facilitate the development of the new science, technology and innovation policy as a tool for sustainable national development aligned to Vision 2030
  • Develop local ST&I competence and capability
  • Improve the utilization of ST&I for competitive and profitable business
  • Contribute to making ST&I effects to national development more efficient, impactful and environmentally-stable
  • Support the development and management of key issues such as climate change, biodiversity, agriculture and education