Jamaica Young Scientists Forum

About the Jamaica Young Scientists Forum (JYSF)

Under the auspices of the National Commission on Science and Technology, the Jamaica Young Scientists Forum (JYSF) was established in January 2002 to facilitate networking and collaboration among young Jamaican scientists and technologists and to foster youth participation in science and technology activities geared towards individual and national growth and development. The Forum was incorporated under the Company’s Act as a Limited Company on August 9, 2005 by the Registrar of Companies (Company No. 70, 853) to function as a Non-governmental entity.

The goals of the Forum are as follows :

  • Identifying and working at providing solutions to pertinent issues facing young scientists and technologists
  • Networking and maintaining a catalog of all young Jamaican scientists and technologists
  • Serving as mentors to potential young scientists, providing advice and information
  • Promoting education in science and increasing understanding of science and technology by the public
  • Liaison with similar local and international organizations and S&T institutions for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Forum
  • Partnering with the private sector to bridge production gaps and increase the utilization of S&T in entrepreneurship
  • Serving as a catalyst in the utilization of S&T for national growth and development
  • Providing a voice for young scientists and increase participation in policy and decision-making
  • Facilitating access of young scientists to careers in science and technology
  • Improving communication and regional and international cooperation among young scientists
  • Encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to science and technology in response to specific needs of society.